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Look for "Structure My Deal" when shopping for your next vehicle and use our tools to build your own deal.

You can personalize your payments, prequalify for credit, and apply for credit - all without having to come into the dealership!

Personalize Your Payments

Personalize Your Payments

Use our tools to build your own deal. You can choose the vehicle, term length, payment frequency, trade in value or down payment to create a deal to suit your unique needs. You can see for yourself how many different factors can affect your payments and ensure it is the perfect deal for you.

The promotional rates and bonuses offered by Honda Canada on new vehicles are automatically included to show you the best possible interest rates available on approved credit. The interest rates shown for used vehicles are pulled directly from the major Canadian banks and we are adept at getting our customers the best possible rates available on approved credit.

You are able to do a quick evaluation on your trade-in vehicle, if you are planning on trading a vehicle in with us. The tool returns a range of market values for your vehicle based on average kilometres and excellent condition, powered by Canadian Black Book. For a more accurate trade in appraisal, our staff would prefer to see the vehicle in person and ask you some questions on the history of the vehicle. If distance is an issue, you can always send photos to help us get a more accurate idea of your vehicle.

If you plan on selling your vehicle privately, you can enter in your own price for the trade-in value or calculate it as part of the down payment, which can be added to the deal separate from the trade-in amount. The tool also allows for you to add in your remaining amount owing on the vehicle as well, so that you build the deal that suits you perfectly.

One important thing missing from this tool is the ability to add on additional warranties and protections. Not every person buying a new car needs every additional warranty option, but some of them are really great ideas and great values. You can check out some of the options here and see how our warranty options can protect you from paying additional fees at the end of your lease due to unexpected damage or just keep your Honda looking showroom perfect years after your purchase. Whether you plan on keeping your car for decades until it's run into the ground or plan on trading your Honda in a few years later, a warranty chosen to reflect your needs can keep it running longer, keep the resale value high and keep money in your pocket. For more information, talk to our Finance Managers today!

Personalize Your Payments

Prequalify for Credit

If you are concerned about your credit, this quick form can help us understand your situation without pulling your credit history to see what should be possible based on our experiences with Honda Canada Financial and the major Canadian banks.

Personalize Your Payments

Apply for Credit

This full application is fairly in depth but it allows us to securely collect almost all of the information we need to run your credit. Once you submit the fully completed application, two separate people will begin working on your file. A salesperson will reach out to you right away to confirm your vehicle choice and work with you to confirm a time when you can come in to test drive the vehicle. At the same time, a Finance Manager will review your file, coordinate with your salesperson and possibly reach out for two recent pay stubs and a copy of your driver's license. They will wait to run your credit history until they have received confirmation from you but if you have limited time to spend at the dealership, this process can help streamline your time here.