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Establish or Re-Establish Credit

Do you have no credit history or credit history in need of some rehabilitation? You may have more options than you think! Whether you're new to credit, new to the country, restarting your life after bankruptcy or divorce or a great deal number of other things that can affect credit, if you are committed to rehabilitating your credit, we can help.

Why is a car loan the best choice to improve your credit?

Unlike credit cards, the bank has more security in lending you money for a car because the value of the vehicle is maintained and the bank has the option to repossess the vehicle if you were to stop making payments. Given that you are dedicated to improving your credit and therefore aren't likely to be missing any payments, this can be the fastest way to establish or re-establish credit. You may not be able to immediately qualify for the car of your dreams, but the idea is to start small and consistently make your payments so that you become considered a reliable borrower. We would like to help you gain the financial freedom to drive the vehicle you want, not one you're stuck with.

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