Current Honda Recalls

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The Takata Corporation of Japan has been identified as a major supplier of defective air bags for at least 10 major automotive brands that includes Honda. Whitby Oshawa Honda's service department is the GTA's source on all Takata airbag recalls details and information. With millions of vehicles possibly affected by the airbag recall it is important for all Whitby Oshawa Honda customers and Honda owners everywhere to know the facts. The defective airbags have been found to release shards of metal upon airbag deployment. The cars affected by the Takata airbag recall have been documented to cause serious injury or death as a result of deployment of the faulty airbags. High-humidity areas like the Southern United States were initially the priority as high temperatures and humidity were found to degrade the chemical propellant more quickly, however the recall is expanded to Canada as well. You can verify whether or not your vehicle is affected by checking the Honda Canada website and entering your VIN. If your vehicle is affected, please schedule an appointment with us so this can be corrected as quickly as possible. More information about the recall can be found here, by calling the Honda Airbag Inflator Hotline at 1-877-445-7754 or calling our Service Department.
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