Loyalty Exchange Program

Whitby Oshawa Honda's Loyalty Exchange Program
Exchange your current vehicle for a brand new Honda with the same or similar payments!

We offer a detailed, no obligation exchange analysis on your vehicle - it will only take 30 minutes!

You could be ready right now to exchange your current vehicle for a brand new Honda with no money down and the same/lower payments!

How does the Honda Loyalty Exchange Program work?

  • Our specialist compares your current vehicle value and net payout against current programs to determine the optimal time to trade-in.
  • The program offers maximum value for your current vehicle.
  • The program offers special reduced interest rates exclusive to current Honda customers.
  • Your current vehicle does not have to be originally purchased from us.

Benefits of upgrading your vehicle:

  • Drive with confidence, knowing you have the latest safety and driving technologies.
  • Enjoy more convenience and comfort features.
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs while ensuring your vehicle is always there when you need it.


Complete the form to get in contact with our Loyalty Specialist and see what options are available to you!